OnixOS is a public and open source operating system. It is an operating system with “O Language” support for developers and users. You have many options to download the latest version.

ISO (x86_64)

We will give you a few ISO links for Daily and Stable Updates. You can download anything you want from these links.


If you want to try or use OnixOS on Virtualbox, you can download daily XFCE or Gnome-Based updates from the links below.


You can use the following links to develop a project on OnixOS on Docker or to work on a Docker version.

docker pull olproject/onixos
docker run -it olproject/onixos /bin/bash
docker pull olproject/olang
docker run -t olproject/olang olang <olang file>

You can start working on docker using the command above.


To use the OnixOS operating system on Vagrant and make improvements, you can use the following commands or links.

To use it in a new project;

vagrant init onixos/core
vagrant up

To use it in the Vagrantfile file;

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "onixos/core"

Arch Linux Mirrors

You can install packages in repositories on your own Arch Linux-based system using Arch Linux repositories.

The pacman we mentioned at the can use the conf and mirrorlist files under /etc/.

SigLevel = Never
Server =

SigLevel = Never
Server =