Onix OS Latest Build Update (dad19dd=> 3b8f79f)

Onix OS Latest Build Update (dad19dd=> 3b8f79f)

January 5, 2019 Updates 0

We released the new version. This version is due to hosting problems sourceforge.net we moved on. We have released a lot of bug fixes and additional packages. New installation interface has been made. But the new installation interface needs to be tested. We’re looking for a tester for this. If you are interested in the project and are developing Linux, please join us.

We have corrected the interface in the new version. The Core version has problems with the server version, so we have removed them at this time. We have included updates related to “O language” in the system.

You can participate in the tests by downloading the following version. If you have problems with the installation and desktop, please contact us via the chat or forums.

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